Sunday, November 29, 2009

sd1200is or sd780

Scroll down to the next post if you are looking for LCD replacement instructions

Well.... I finally lost my SD600 pictured below. I am looking for a replacement the question is should I get the SD1200 which has a few less features and costs $150 or the sd780 which is full HD video a few more features like colorswap (which I rarely used) for $200. I am inclined to get the 1200 but I guess I will wait to see what good deals come up. I think the best price on the 1200 is 150 on amazon and the 780 is $190 on newegg.


  1. If I were you you'd go with SD780. It has way more features than the SD1200.

  2. The shell doesn't come apart so easily by just removing the screws. At the top, there is a catch that holds the front and back shells together. This must be depressed to release the catch. You must press the catch down by pressing a thin metal blade down in the crack between the front and back shells in line with the left edge of the viewfinder. While depressed, pull the shells apart.

  3. IXUS 80 IS bought March 09 in Australia. The screen died two days ago - out of warranty, of course. The store said it would be over $200 to fix, so just as cheap to buy a replacement! Went home and followed your instructions on opening the case. Turned out that a cable had jiggled loose (at top left corner of screen - backlight?) Anyway, popped that back in and LCD working now. $200 in the bank!

  4. Hey ! I'am seriously trying to find the actual screen of the Canon Power Shot SD600 I cracked the whole screen & I can't find that spare part ANYWHERE ! help?

  5. Hats off to Mike is Bored. Following his instructions, I replaced my LCD which broke when the camera dropped my shirt pocket onto concrete. I did remove the triangle piece, saving the agony of using paper strips. Many thanks Mike, you save me from buying a new camera.


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